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Note: if you or your group is interested in custom classes in hide tanning, buckskin craft, wilderness skills, kid’s camps etc... please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss ideas.

During the winter of 2013, I stumbled upon the native buffalo hunt outside Yellowstone National Park. I knew I would return to explore the possibilities. In Winter 2014, we returned to make use of the left-behind pieces of the hunt - hides, skulls, bones, fur, organs, and more. In the process, we worked to build connections with the native hunters, the Buffalo Field Campaign, park officials, tourists and townsfolk alike. We camped near the hunt, on hand to  share knowledge, learn, feast, laugh, and experience this adventure together.  It has been my goal to build a bridge between cultures, factions, and political lines in the common recognition of the innate worth of the buffalo, and our own shared humanity. The project was supported by a grant from www.PrimitiveFound.org 

Winter 2015 found us back in Buffalo Country. With the unprecedented warm winter, and pressure on the herd from the government mandated ship and slaughter, the hunt was tiny compared to the year before. But we stayed on, and did our part to honor the buffalo and their traditional uses. We experimented with stone tools, cooked in an elk stomach, tanned hides in the field, and gained a deeper understanding of the politics surrounding the wild Yellowstone bison. You can read an article about us published by the Missoula Independent here : The Scavengers

We’ll be back to Buffalo Country this coming winter, doing important work to make connections that help honor the buffalo, the old ways, and the new ways we bring it all together. Please contact me for more detailed information, and if you would like, you can donate to Buffalo Bridge right here.

Donations directly support our actions in the field,

purchasing supplies like firewood, propane, food, and equipment.

Many Thanks and Many Blessings!

Saskatoon Circle Primitive Skills Gathering

September 26 - October 2, 2015


Join us at the 7th annual Saskatoon Circle Primitive Skills Gathering!

Held in the beautiful Methow Valley, Washington, Saskatoon Circle is a chance to learn, laugh, sing, barter, eat, and play with a great group of students and instructors.  Registration opens June 1st, so check out the gathering website!

You may also contact me for more information! Hope to see you there!

Custom Classes

I hope to expand kid’s programs - from mentoring, to working with the schools, to after-school programs, the possibilities are endless. Please contact me if you have ideas or want to help organize something for your school, family, or homeschool group.

Wilderbabe Lifestyle Internships

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Do you long for a place to work on projects, experiment with primitive skills, and be a part of a small group learning, working, and having fun? Here at the Wilderbabe Homestead there is always something happening, depending on the season! Right now we are working deer and buffalo hides and preparing for a week long mushroom hunt/ horse pack trip. Later we’ll be sewing buckskin clothes, having fun at Kid’s Camp, and getting ready for another semi-primitive wilderness horse adventure. Wild food foraging, hide working, and just plain having fun together is the thing around here. Life is so good, and we want to share it with you!     Contact Katie to get a dialogue started.         mailto:wilderbabe@wilderbabe.com?subject=email%20subjectshapeimage_2_link_0


Join the fun this summer!

In this camp, you’ll learn awesome primitive skills like friction fire, shelter building, wild foods, plant identification, nature awareness skills, rawhide and buckskin craft, weapons, and more! We’ll play games, tell stories, and have fun in nature!

Primitive Skills Day Camps are held in the Methow Valley, WA Get Registration Information here

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You can pay for camp via Paypal right here, with a $10 service charge added. I also accept cash or check. Thanks!




JUNE 15 - 18, 2015

for ages 7-12

9 am to 1 pm, $125 includes all materials and healthy snacks