Katie Russell, Professional WilderbabeTM

The WilderbabeTM Story

In the winter of 2007, I was in Utah leading expeditions for troubled teenagers.  I was really into the primitive lifestyle – wearing my homemade buckskin clothes, teaching skills like bow drill fire-starting, beadwork, and leathercraft... reveling in my role as a guide to the great wilderness beyond the plastic world that the kids knew.  I was working with an incredible group of troubled girls. Whatever they were back home, in the wilderness these girls were fun, confident, and really cared about each other.  They started tossing about the term “Wilderbabe” to describe themselves. They even had a song. I asked if I was a Wilderbabe too, and one of the girls said, “Katie, you are the Original Wilderbabe.” So I feel like I owe it to those girls to be the best Wilderbabe I can be - to put Wilderbabes out there for the world to see, and to remind those amazing young women that - even though they may be out of the wilderness - they will always be Wilderbabes.

What is a WilderbabeTM?

A Wilderbabe is a strong woman who does what she wants to do.  She is tough, able to take care of herself, and willing to walk across a mountain range for the ones she loves.  With confidence, she knows she is just as beautiful crawling out of a tipi in the morning as she is dressed up for a night on the town.

A WilderbabeTM embraces the wilderness within, and lives her own kind of freedom. She is joyful, and operates with a heart full of love.  She feels herself as a part of the great circle of life around her, and honors the seasons of her own life.  She is willing to work hard for what she believes in.  Does this sound like you?

Katie Russell, Professional WilderbabeTM


Hot chicks doing primitive skills? 

A long time ago, Wilderness Way magazine had a reader survey; one of the questions was "What do you want to see in the magazine?"

One guy answered "hot chicks in the woods doing primitive skills," to which Wilderness Way responded "Dream on!"

I say to that guy, "It is more than a dream. It actually happens. right now, somewhere, there is at least one WilderbabeTM doing something skillsy while simultaneously being hot. Its real. The dream creates the journey, man. Never give up on the dream of Wilderbabes. You just might find one."

--Katie Russell, Professional WilderbabeTM